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Sunday, July 24, 2005

before sunset

when before sunrise first came out, i loved it. for one, it was a feature length film about two people talking, and that was it. second, the conversations established a connection between two people that reflected the sort of moment you or i might have. and i'd never thought that kind of moment could be encapsulated or depicted. and while before sunrise was plenty good enough on its own, before sunset serves as the perfect eighty minute epilogue to the always nagging life questions: "so, what happened?" and "what if?"

i like to imagine that jesse from before sunrise/sunset is the alternate reality version of ethan hawke's troy dyer from "reality bites." i think i want to be ethan hawke, what of it?

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greg said...

i think u wanna be ethan hawke too. me, karina, and victor saw him in a burrito place in the city. oh yeah and i liked sunset a lot too. more natural than sunrise actually although ethan looks like he's taking too many drugs.