movies i want to watch:
grind house
black book
the namesake

maybe movie hop:
black snake moan
the host
the astronaut farmer

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the forty year old virgin

judd apatow, creator/writer of “freaks and geeks,” makes his movie directing debut. and what a debut it is, filled with r-rated scenes and conversations galore. while this movie certainly isn’t for grandma and grandpa, it’s entertaining enough to keep your eyeballs directed forwards. well, until the end, which is better left unrevealed. i can see how easy this movie was to sell, “well, we have this loser guy right? he’s forty, and he’s still a virgin…sold!” successfully pulling it off must have been significantly harder however, because you can only ride a one-trick pony so far; luckily, seth rogen is along for the ride.

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