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grind house
black book
the namesake

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black snake moan
the host
the astronaut farmer

Friday, September 15, 2006

the black dahlia

the black dahlia has been getting reamed in reviews, and rightly so. it's nowhere near as good as la confidential and the quick resolution scenes are incredibly confusing. i had to see this movie because i've always been intrigued by the actual black dahlia case (and like james ellroy) but it's really not very well done at all. hollywoodland might have been a better choice. as for me, i'll just read the book of this movie and satisfy my curiousity that way.

scarlett johannson's career is not ever going to achieve the heights of "lost in translation" again is it? her work in most of her recent movies is just terrible. i can't figure out if she's a bad actress, or if she's just taking bad roles that don't suit her. at least she still looks good right?

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