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Monday, March 12, 2007

300 (2007)

i was psyched for this movie. ridiculously psyched. if you like spartans and violence, this highly stylized movie will set your neck hairs on tilt with its numerous "cool scenes." not much plot or exposition to speak of (in comparison to say, gladiator) and i would have wanted some trimming of the unnecssary "girl in wheatfields, i love you" scenes but hey, what can you do? some great moments, a few laugh out loud moments (not in a good way), but mostly, a cool movie i'd watch a few times over. go watch it in the theatre; what's the point otherwise?

i wish there was more insight and backstory into how the spartans lived. i'd recommend reading gates of fire, by steven pressfield -- which, sadly, probably has no chance of being made into a movie now.

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